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Transforming spaces into places you'll fall in love with

Transforming your home is really about the art of living well. While the process may require physical elements like paint and lights and a few pieces of classic furniture, the end result is to create a feeling rather than a look. Because the real purpose of a home is to bring family and friends together in happiness.



Louise believes beauty offers the promise of happiness. In fact, it makes us happy. Period. Presentation is everything and people “feel” the love when it is accompanied by clever effort and correct intentions. She is all about improving your everyday quality of life.

"I invest a piece of myself in every single project. In fact, I frequently fall back on the term, ‘house-whisperer’. It’s a kind of intuition. I love that moment of silence in which I ‘hear’ how a room dreams of a new relationship with the people who inhabit it."


The Services



Professional Styling

The special occasion lies just beneath the surface of the everyday scene. Sometimes a touch is all that’s needed to bring it out. Sometimes a deeper change is required. But an experienced eye and an open mind can make the magic happen. The final touch lies in ‘content choreography’: the aesthetic arrangement of elements to create the desired result, be it grand family occasion or an intimate setting for two. That is the art of professional styling!



The great modernist architect Le Corbusier provocatively defined a house as ‘a machine for living in’. Louise is perhaps the first person to have dedicated herself to training owners on how to make that machine work in order to produce happiness. Her unique, immersive Three-Day Home Makeover has the power to transform not only the look of an interior, but more importantly the way its owners feel about their rejuvenated living space.



As a stylist, Louise became frustrated with the lack of affordable quality faced by currency-challenged South Africans. So she decided to fill the vacuum with her own collection of iconic . What couldn’t be sourced, she designed and had made up. The result is the LA Homeware Collection, a superb range of European quality at affordable prices, including her Luxury Lifestyle Essentials – high-impact style items – and her Habitat Range: magnificent, Italian-inspired, clean-line contemporary glass furniture.



To enquire about Home Makeovers, Professional Styling, or Style Workshops, or for an opportunity to visit Louise’s legendary Secret Stash, please fill in your details and indicate your area of interest.
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