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"Through my high impact styling, I introduce theme, playfulness, comfort & ultimately an invitation to relax and enjoy."


“Mine is an unusual category in the industry of interiors. One that has not necessarily existed previously.  I am a Final Finishing Expert. I dress and style up homes with Architectural Detailing, Soft Furnishings, Bespoke Lighting and a bunch of secret weapons from my Private Collection.

I arrive on site only once all players in the mix have left site (including builders, architects, designers and decorators) and the owner has actually moved in.  I use whatever a Client has and design and manufacture whatever else is required.

It remains my job to create scenarios in the home that invite the people who use them to behave in a certain manner, without actually being there to direct them. They must automatically use areas for certain purposes as set out, linger in others, prepare with ease or simply flop down and enjoy vintage reading matter at hand.

I believe that grown-ups need their interests piqued as much as children do, and I spend a lot of time sourcing or designing objects, books, art, treats and apparel that will keep them occupied and entertained. It’s important to just have fun in a home as much as being aesthetically aware. Pretty but boring no longer cuts it!

Our lives and lifestyles have changed so much with the course of world economics that it has become a necessity to create homely homes to relieve the daily pressures of life.

“Back to basics, I say! Old-fashioned values, more home entertainment and more home stocking. Nothing like a silver champagne cooler, a white damask tablecloth, some chunky hurricane lamps, a home-cooked meal. Oh, and twelve of everything! A simple, yet full-proof recipe for easy hosting!”

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